Leg Vise for Workbench – Part 2

This is the second part and last part of making the leg vise. In this video I make the jaw of the vise itself, as well as fitting everything together at the end to test out. All in all, I am quite happy with the vise itself, as it creates a lot of clamping pressure, […]

Making a Monitor Stand for my PC Monitor

After using my new PC Table Desk for a while, I noticed that my PC monitor was too low, and did not have a adjustable height setting. So, after measuring, I decided to make myself a monitor stand, in the same style as my PC Desk to fit the”theme” better.

Serving Boards

Made some serving boards from left over stock of Kiaat I had. Was quite a fun project to do. However, found out that one of the boards had hairline crack in it after oiling the board. In the video I show how I remedied it.